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The Gem Goddess

Manifesting Your Desires Meditation

Manifesting Your Desires Meditation

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Manifesting Your Desires Meditation (Mp3 Download) 432hz

This Meditation is designed to maximize your daily manifestation ritual. Wether you are new to manifestation, or an expert, this meditation will expand your power and energy in the manifestation process. Practicing this guided meditation increases your ability to attract your desires faster and more effortlessly. Manifestation is a power that resides within us all, and we created this quick and simple meditation to awaken that power within. The art of imagination, focusing and utilizing the mind creates powerful ripples in the universe, and attracts what you focus on like a magnet. 

The full meditation is 13 minutes and 13 seconds long, and is recommend to listen to daily with headphones for at least 1 month to gain maximum benefits. We tried to keep this meditation simple and short to be used daily with ease, but yet powerful enough to help attract what you choose to focus on.

This meditation is also charged with reiki, so you will receive good, high loving vibes throughout, and a peaceful optimized experience!

Much love and light everyone!


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