• The Manifestation Workshop!

    Are you wanting to break out of limiting beliefs, or do you want to learn how to manifest your biggest desires? This workshop is designed to help you overcome whatever is holding you back so that you can fully align yourself on the path of your dreams!

  • Tarot Masterclass

    Do you ever wonder how each card relates differently to love, career, job types, personality or appearance? In this masterclass we go in-depth into the Tarot so that you can read more confidently and accurately than ever!

  • Magic of Tarot eBook

    (Comes for free with the Tarot Masterclass) We go deep into each card and reveal the hidden meanings, symbolism and applications of each card to love, career, personality and so much more! Discover the hidden wisdom in the Tarot.


Hi there! I'm Gem!

I am a professional Tarot reader, Intuitive, Astrologer and Manifestation Coach with 15+ years of experience. Early in my life, I had an interest for spirituality and magic that eventually became a passion I decided to pursue. I have taken many courses on Tarot, Astrology, Mediumship, Reiki, and Law of Attraction.

After years of taking classes upon the subjects I was passionate about, I went on to make a YouTube channel where I create videos using tools like Tarot and Astrology to make intuitive predictions for my audience.