Tarot Masterclass

What you will learn:

- The fundamentals of Tarot

- How to use your intuition to read the cards & intuition building exercises

- Ancient wisdom and deep life lessons embedded within the cards

- Divinatory meanings of each card, symbolism, as well as astrology & numerology within the Tarot

- How to use Tarot for divination, magic, and finding out when certain things will happen

- A comprehensive journey through the major and minor arcana

- And, so much more!


Manifestation Workshop

Creating a life you love to live should be easy and fun! Enjoy this quick yet powerful self-guided workshop that will teach you how to define your desires, break through limitations that are holding you back from your dreams, create a new mindset and take real steps that will shift you closer to your dream life!

This workshop gives you a practical approach to construct any desire. Utilize the tools in this workshop for life and create any of your dreams with these simple and powerful methods!