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The Gem Goddess

Deep Chakra Cleanse Meditation

Deep Chakra Cleanse Meditation

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Deep Chakra Cleanse Meditation (Mp3 Download) 432hz

This meditation can be used for beginner OR advanced users

Preview (we highly recommend listening with headphones as there are different sounds for each ear):



This guided meditation is designed to deeply cleanse and align all seven main chakras. This meditation is charged with Reiki (healing energy) to assist in deeply nourishing your soul, and helping to release old stagnant energies/blockages that may reside in the body's seven main energy centers. This guided meditation takes you on a walk-through of all the main chakras (root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown) and is specifically designed for anyone to listen to, no matter your current knowledge or understanding of the chakras. When your chakras are aligned, balanced, harmonized and clear, your body (both physical and etheric) can store more energy and utilize it more efficiently, it increases your overall wellbeing and allows you to manifest better and quicker. If you have blockages or stagnant energy, it hinders your ability to send and receive frequency, which is essentially what the push and pull is behind manifesting. 

Some of us also don't realize we have blocks or stored/stagnant energy residing in our bodies. We've gotten so accustomed to feeling the way we always do, that we don't realize there is another, better, more efficient and beautiful way to live. 

For only 15$ you receive this meditation that you can use for life, and however many times you like. This session is essentially a full 25 minute reiki session (which usually costs upwards of 50$ or more PER session!) with the added benefit that you can listen to this meditation, whenever and wherever you want.

The full meditation is 25 minutes long, and is recommend to listen to daily with headphones for at least 1 month to gain maximum benefits. 

This meditation is also charged with reiki, so you will receive good, high loving vibes throughout, and a peaceful optimized experience!

Much love and light everyone!


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-The Gem Goddess






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*Do not use as a substitute for any professional or medical treatment 


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