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The Gem Goddess

Activating Your Harmonic Frequency Meditation

Activating Your Harmonic Frequency Meditation

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Activating Your Harmonic Frequency (Mp3 Download) 432hz

This Meditation is designed to activate your souls highest harmonic frequency. Harmonic frequencies are very powerful, for example, the Egyptian pyramids were actually designed as harmonic structures to re-align the physical body and subtle bodies and energies to vibrate in perfect unison. When we are aligned, we increase our overall wellbeing and energy. Manifestation becomes much more powerful, and we can also come into alignment with our higher purpose and souls mission. This meditation also contains a mini chakra clearing, where we go through and cleanse the main 7 chakras before going deeper and activating our light body and harmonic frequencies. 

The full meditation is 22 minutes long, and is recommend to listen to daily with headphones for at least 1 month to gain maximum benefits. 

This meditation is also charged with reiki, so you will receive good, high loving vibes throughout, and a peaceful optimized experience!

Much love and light everyone!


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