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Sacred 7


Sacred 7 is a combination of Amethyst, Smokey Quartz, Quartz with Rutile, Goethite, Lepidochrocite and Cacoxenite.

Amethyst is a very royal stone. Worn by many kings, queens, priests and other leaders for its mystical protection and ability to keep one attuned and focused. Having this beautiful crystal on or near you, raises your vibration, and stimulates the third eye, crown and etheric chakras, opening you up to the higher realms and cosmos, and guiding one through spiritual awakenings. This crystal can guides one through astral realms, and enlighten one to deep cosmic knowledge. Amethyst is also a protective stone, transmuting and dispelling negative energies, and clearing the energy of any space, including your own aura. It is great for reiki, since this crystal can aid the practitioner in opening themselves to the higher spiritual planes, and simultaneously clearing the clients energy of unwanted vibrations and frequency. 

Amethyst is also great for anyone suffering from addictions, since this crystal helps the mind and body overcome toxicity and influence. The word itself comes from the Greek word 'ametusthos', which translates to 'not intoxicated'.

P.S. Another fun fact, Amethyst had commonly been worth as much as diamonds throughout points in history.

Smokey Quartz is a powerful detoxifying crystal. It transmutes and absorbs any negativity out of the environment it is in, or anyone around it. It is an amazing grounding crystal, with the ability to connect one back to the earth, and earthly vibrations, including Gaia. Using Smokey Quartz during meditation is great, since it will help recognize any low vibrational or negative energy, and release it back into the earth, allowing you to reach higher frequencies. Smokey Quartz is especially effective at curing headaches and menstrual cramps. It is also a natural anti-depressant, since it dispels all negative energy. For personal use, it is great to have a small piece of Smokey Quartz that you can carry with you on a day to day basis. 

Smokey Quartz is also a Feng Shui must-have for creating harmony and balance within the home. It is greatly effective when placed near or around any electronics to absorb and transmute the electromagnetic vibrations out of the home. 

Quartz is a magnifying stone. It amplifies the energy of anything around it, and even intentions you put into it. It can help aid in manifestation by intensifying the energy behind your desires, and even give a boost to your own personal energy. Quartz is good for manifesting anything and everything you desire since it boosts the energy of whatever it surrounds into love and light and expansion. This gorgeous gem also offers tons of insight by decreasing mental fog and promoting clarity of mind and helping to find solutions or answers, like taking a magnifying glass to any part of your life that you require. Be prepared to amplify the energies around you, increase your ability to manifest, and also get clear on what no longer serves you. Since this stone will magnify everything, it will offer the clearest insight to what you don't need in your life any longer, and also amplify what you DO really want.

Goethite is a powerful stone for rooting you to earthly energies, and bridging you to the cosmic energy realm. This crystal allows you to anchor in to gaia and the creative abundant nature of earth. 

Lepidochrocite is a very metaphysical-natured crystal, connecting you to the astral and spiritual dimension. 

Cacoxenite is known as an enhancer crystal. Usually found embedded in other crystals, it is known for its boosting qualities of the other gems it is within. This crystal creates a beautiful enhancing energy to your desires and manifestations, and creates an alluring energy to the wearer/holder of the gem. 

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