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One Rubellite Palm Stone


*Due to high demand, you will receive ONE of the above pictured stones, we are sorry we cannot take reservations on each stone*

Rubellite (Red Tourmaline) - If you lead a busy life, rubellite is the stone known for increased energy, vitality and enthusiasm, allowing you to get all your tasks and goals met during your day with a full tank of energy and light. Keeping this stone with you during your day is like having a constant cup of coffee by your side that you can sip on endlessly without it emptying out. It is also the stone of finding what you are passionate about, and living out your passions in your day to day life. You will fall in love with what you do, and only do what you love. Anything is possible with this crystal. Your wildest dreams are now a reality, and you will be soon living it with this stone.

-The Gem Goddess

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