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Ribbon Jasper Palm Stone


Ribbon Jasper is named after its stunning appearance with vibrant bands of colors that swirl and wrap around the stone. This is a great stone for success and spiritual growth, helping you to progress forward on your path. You can deepen your connection with Mother Earth with its grounding properties and nurture your soul by holding it during meditation, or by simply having it in your energy field. Ribbon Jasper helps you during times of stress by holding one in each hand while meditating, which will help you to feel nurtured and calm. This stone stimulates the base chakra, which awakens a primal, kundalini energy. It promotes a sense of balance through its connection to the spine. It is a great stone to use in any form of physical exercise, as it provides extra stamina for tough workouts. This jasper’s healing properties can also be very beneficial for people with injuries that are doing rehabilitative exercises. Use this stone during meditation to promote sexual or creative energy, or to impose stability.

-The Gem Goddess

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