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Nuumite is often referred to by many as the sorcerer’s stone. It is a very ancient stone (about 3 billion years old) that is only found in Greenland. Because this stone is so ancient it is very powerful in connecting to deep earth energy to help you stay grounded, and boost your spiritual growth. It is an incredible energy source due to its strong electromagnetic field. This stone carries a strong energy within it that often brings good luck. Nuumite is known for giving strength, aiding in releasing negativity, and alignment. The vibrations of Nuumite enhances intuition, develops personal power, improves clairvoyance, and increases luck. Nuumite is known to protect the human aura, as well as the atmosphere in any type of environment. It is a great stone for self mastery, strengthening the aura, and protecting one from negative energies. One of the most important attributes of this stone is its ability to help one uncover anything that may lie beneath the surface. Nuumite has many healing properties. It can be used to reduce stress, tension and pain related to headaches. It is also known for its regenerative purposes. This stone is helpful in empowerment and helping you get a better understanding in what may be causing emotional distress, and helps you to get in tune with your emotional needs.

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-The Gem Goddess

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