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Malachite is a gorgeous green stone of protection that absorbs negative energies and pollutants from the body, as well as the atmosphere. It heals Earth energies, tears electromagnetic pollution and protects against all kinds of radiation. Keep malachite in the kitchen near the microwave, or in any living area by the television. It also helps to keep this stone in the workplace for protection against fluorescent lighting, technology, negative emails or phone calls, and noise. Malachite also protects travelers on the Earth and other planes. It also helps to give hope, and release from negative experiences. It is strongly connected to the heart chakra and helps with the health of the heart. If you want a boost in creativity and help developing your intuition, Malachite is a great tool to use. It is a stone of balance, intention, manifestation, and abundance.

*Price is per piece*

-The Gem Goddess

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