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Large Crimson Fire Quartz Palm Stone With Rainbow Inclusions


Crimson Fire Quartz is a stunning crystal, consisting of hematite and quartz. Its red hue comes from the mineral Hematite; a form of iron oxide. Since it is a type of iron, it also holds similar healing properties of iron; regulating blood flow, relief from headaches and/or menstrual cramps, and even healing symptoms of anemia. It is incredibly grounding, while also having the magnifying effect of quartz. The red hue helps balance the root chakra, and regulate its energy, keeping one grounded, focused, and in harmony with the physical world. For manifestation, this crystal is amazing at raising self confidence, and creating that strong primal urge to chase your dreams and overcome any obstacles you may face in your journey. 

There are also 'rainbow inclusions' within lots of crimson fire quartz crystals. The energy that these crystals poses is absolutely incredible. The rainbow color activates and stimulates all chakras, helping one raise their overall wellbeing and energetic frequency/vibration. Using these stones during meditation is extremely powerful in reaching the higher cosmos, while also remaining grounded and focused, with high intuition. 

-The Gem Goddess

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