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Intention Setting & Manifestation Mist


 Intention Setting & Manifestation Mist

Ingredients: litsea cubeba, wild orange, new moon water, quartz, and PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate (coconut oil based emulsifier).

Directions: Mist yourself or your space using 1-3 pumps with this lovely aroma during your manifestation practices, or when you are creating any intentions for your day.

Aroma's are very powerful at influencing the subconscious mind. As everything is energy and contains its own unique vibration, anything within our surroundings will influence our energetic and auric field. Litsea cubeba is an amazing manifestation aroma. It opens the gateways around us and boosts our energy which in turn boosts all of our manifestations and allows the energies around us to flow better and bring our intentions back to us. This sweet citrus smells awakens the mind and allows us to focus on our goals with powerful intent. Wild orange is another great aroma for creation, creativity and manifestation. If you have a passion or a dream that you want to make reality, the blend of these two essential oil infusions pair perfectly for that creative spark and energizing effects. These scents create a powerful drive and force behind your intentions which ultimately moves your dreams and goals into motion so that they can manifest into your life. 

All of our scents are emulsified essential oils that we blend into new moon water, and mixed with a crystal that also helps amplify the energy of the blend. Quartz is great for amplifying any energy that it surrounds making it the perfect pair for the manifestation and intention mist. This amplification makes all of your manifestations, desires, dreams, goals and intentions even more powerful so that you attract them faster and easier than ever. 


Disclaimer: Please test your spray on a small patch of skin (we recommend your wrist) prior to use to test for any allergies.

We are not responsible or liable for any allergies to our products. Please consult your doctor or primary care physician prior to use. 

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