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**Any orders placed between December 21-30th 2019 will be shipped on December 31st**

Charmed Genuine Shungite Bracelet Set


Shungite is a powerful energy transmuter and clearer. If placed near, or on any technology, this crystal absorbs and transmutes EMF waves and clears them from your environment, leaving you with a clear, harmonious space. It helps to bring back the natural feel of mother earth into your home by ridding the air of the toxic energy waves from modern day electronics. It even helps by bringing out any toxic energy from the body in order to increase overall wellbeing and happiness, and acts as a block to any negative incoming energies. Having this crystal around, leaves one with only positive uplifting, and calming energies. 

Please Read

All of our bracelets are hand made, and can be made custom as well. We like to make our bracelets per order to fit each of our unique customers wrist sizes, so please specify wether you would like a 6, 6.5, 7, or 7.5 inch bracelet in the notes section when you order. If you do not specify, we will ship you the standard 7 inch size. If you don't know your wrist size, there are many printable size guides online, or you can email us with any questions at:

All of our crystal bracelets are genuine real stones and crystals, cut and polished into beautiful beads. Any silver or gold accent beads/charms are plated.

For custom orders and questions please email:

*P.S. Since we make each bracelet per order to fit your size needs, please allow 2-3 business days to create your unique bracelet set before shipping. Thank you for understanding!

*Bracelets pictured are 6.5 inches in size. Larger sizes will have more beads.

-The Gem Goddess

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