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Moon Goddess Set (Choose Your Own Bracelet)


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This beautiful bracelet + crystal set trio is a powerful combination of one selenite palmstone, one raw rainbow moonstone and your choice of gemstone bracelet. Selenite and rainbow moonstone are both connected to Luna (the moon), even the word selenite is derived from the goddess Selene herself. These two gemstones make a powerful combo during any ritual, especially moon rituals. Using them in combination with any bracelet of your choice will amplify your manifestations and intention rituals during the new or full moons each month.

Selenite is a highly intuitive crystal. Believed to be connected to the moon, or even the moon itself (according to the ancients). This stone provides high vibration and energy that surpasses almost every other stone in connecting its holder to the higher realms, and activating the third eye and crown chakras. It is very useful for connecting the mind and body, grounding an individual while opening their inner gates to the cosmos. Selenite is a great stone for connecting telepathically to another, and clearing any blockages so one can also receive messages from the ethers. It is especially effective at clearing negativity and beaming positive energetic light to those around it. Just as the ocean waves are powerfully influenced by the moon, selenite pushes and pulls the tides within, amplifying your internal amplitude and vibration, activating your deeper energetic frequencies, and therefore magnifying the power of your intentions and manifestations.

Rainbow Moonstone is a powerful crystal with the ability to balance out the chakra system and create harmonious high vibrational energy wherever it is used. Since this beautiful gem is very connected to the moon, rainbow moonstone is a highly transformational crystal, allowing us fresh beginnings, and the completion of old cycles as it correlates with the new and full lunar cycles during each month. Are you ready to transform your whole life and manifest your dreams? Cultivate that high vibe dreamy cosmic moon energy into your home by keeping some rainbow moonstone around. 


*Each of these rainbow moonstones have their own unique blue flashes that are visible when held under a light source.

P.S. Rainbow Moonstone is also known as white labradorite, and belongs to the labradorite crystal family.

-The Gem Goddess

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