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Abundance, Prosperity & Wealth Mist


Abundance, Prosperity & Wealth Mist 

Ingredients: jasmine, bayberry, benzoin, new moon water, aventurine, and PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate (coconut oil based emulsifier).

Directions: Mist yourself or your space using 1-3 pumps with this lovely aroma to attract abundance, wealth and prosperity. 

Aroma's are very powerful at influencing the subconscious mind. As everything is energy and contains its own unique vibration, anything within our surroundings will influence our energetic and auric field. Jasmine is known to increase confidence, creativity, boost your skills and abilities, and also attract money. All of these properties are great for attracting abundance, as you gain a boost of energy and creative flow from this scent, and the added boost of confidence is great especially if you have any important projects or goals to undertake. Bayberry is great for attracting prosperity and luck. This aroma acts like a magnet for bringing money, luck and abundance (especially materially) towards you. Benzoin is the perfect ingredient to tie everything together with its slight vanilla undertone, but powerful properties. Benzoin is another great oil for attracting abundance and wealth, but with the added benefit of also acting as a tool during any obstacles or difficulties you may have ahead of you. Benzoin helps clear the mind, as well as any negative energies, and helps aid the mind with a calming, peaceful state, and opens up the canal for ideas and strategies for anything you need to overcome.

All of our scents are emulsified essential oils that we blend into new moon water, and mixed with a crystal that also helps amplify the energy of the blend. Aventurine is great for attracting abundance, wealth and prosperity, and also opens and stimulates the heart chakra. This allows for better creativity, and better focus and passion to come through as the heart chakra is the bridge between the lower and higher chakras. The heart chakra is the doorway between where our ideas and inspirations come through (higher chakras), and our physical world (lower chakras) where we actually create and manifest those ideas and inspirations into reality. Having aventurine here helps us actually bridge our ideas and visions into our physical reality.


Disclaimer: Please test your spray on a small patch of skin (we recommend your wrist) prior to use to test for any allergies.

We are not responsible or liable for any allergies to our products. Please consult your doctor or primary care physician prior to use. 

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