About the founder

Leanna Amiree Palmer is a 24 year old Gemini (hence our shop name, 'The Gem Goddess' *wink wink*) with a passion to inspire others to manifest their deepest souls desires. She has been a master reiki healer for many years, and after working with energies for a long time, she found crystals to have a major influence in our auric fields. After collecting them personally and charging them with specific energy for healing, manifesting, energy boosting...ext, and noticing their amazing power and influence, Leanna wanted to spread more of that to the world. After a few scoutings for some beautiful crystals, we found some perfect pieces, and started our company 'The Gem Goddess'. We are always updating our shop with more stones and gems, so keep checking back regularly to see what is new!


"We all have the power to be our own Gods and Goddesses."


-Leanna Amiree Palmer