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*NEW* White Magic Set



This White Magic Set is a powerful manifesting set that is designed to boost your intention magic, or any other spells. Paired with two White Jade bracelets, and an Opalite bracelet.


White Jade is a great stone for purity. This crystal is great for cutting cords and giving the wearer a blank slate to paint a new reality. What do you desire to manifest? ...Let this gem give you that energetic reset, while you program your new intentions into it... Then watch the magic happen! This is one of my favorite crystals when I'm ready to start a new chapter, and leap into my dream world.

Opalite is a stunning, man-made stone created by a variety of glass. It is a highly energetic stone that is ideal for meditation. This stone is great for improving communication on any level, especially spiritual. It is a wonderful stone to have if you want to increase and harness your personal power, as it aids in boosting your self-esteem and sense of self-worth. It will also help free your inner strength so that you can access and bring deeper emotions to surface. It is a great stone to assist during all kinds of transitions. It also helps to enhance sexual experience and boosts sexual prowess. It is said that Opalite helps to overcome fatigue, stabilizes mood swings and purifies the blood and kidneys. Opalite is an all-round healing stone and removes energy blockages from the chakras.


Please Read

All of our bracelets are hand made, and can be made custom as well. We like to make our bracelets per order to fit each of our unique customers wrist sizes, so please specify wether you would like a 6, 6.5, 7, or 7.5 inch bracelet. If you don't know your wrist size, there are many printable size guides online.

All of our crystal bracelets are genuine real stones and crystals, cut and polished into beautiful beads. Any silver or gold accent beads/charms are plated.

*P.S. Since we make each bracelet per order to fit your size needs, please allow 2-3 business days to create your unique bracelet set before shipping. Thank you for understanding!

*Bracelets pictured are 6.5 inches in size. Larger sizes will have more beads.

-The Gem Goddess

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