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Tourmalinated Quartz


Tourmalinated Quartz is a very special crystal containing both quartz, and black tourmaline. Since this stone is two different crystals in one, it also carries the amazing benefits of both within.

Quartz is a magnifying stone. It amplifies the energy of anything around it, and even intentions you put into it. It can help aid in manifestation by intensifying the energy behind your desires, and even give a boost to your own personal energy. It's great for clearing the mind, and helping to find solutions or answers. 

Black Tourmaline is a magnificent clearing stone. Any negative energies are immediately dispelled and transmuted. It has an amazing ability to ground anyone near it, and the energy surrounding it by balancing, purifying and protecting. It can help with rational thinking, by harmonizing the chakras. Anyone around this crystal will feel shielded and guarded, since this crystal is excellent at warding and blocking negative energy.

Together; a Toumalinated Quartz crystal can offer deep protection against unwanted energies. It has the ability to self cleanse, as the black tourmaline washes away any negativity immediately. It is amazing for breaking old habits and patterns, since the quartz helps un-cloud the mind to see clearly, and black tourmaline offers a grounding positive energetic space. With this crystal around, be prepared to amplify your manifesting power without any negativity to hold you back. 

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