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Large Orange Calcite Sphere


Calcite is known for its high energy, and ability to heal and clear blockages. This crystal is an amazing tool for reiki, or any other forms of energy healing. Each different color of Calcite has a special meaning and chakra associated with it. Though the fabulous thing about Calcite, is that any color can clear and heal any and all chakras in the body, but will amplify and stimulate the chakra associated with its color the most prominently. Calcite is also a powerful mental stimulant, improving memory, overall mental energy, providing emotional balance and healing, and helping one let go of the past and move forward into their future. Since these crystals stimulate the flow of energy, it helps release blockages allowing one to improve their creativity. It is known to remove negative energy from any environment it is in, and also anyone who is around it. In the past, many crystal balls for scrying were made of calcite. 

P.S. Placing any color of calcite on a specific chakra area of the body will remove any negative or stagnant energy, or any blockages, you do not need a specific color for each chakra.

-The Gem Goddess

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