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Black Tourmaline Facial Wand


Facial wands are a must-have skincare massage tool used to help with the absorption of products into the skin, and also boost collagen in the face and neck region. They can be used in a variety of different ways for different benefits, for example, you can use it warm to open your pores while moisturizing in order to help your skin absorb the most out of your products. Or you can use it cold and roll over your skin to tighten and reduce the look of pores. The act of massaging your face can help stimulate collagen in your skin, revitalizing a youthful and radiant appearance.

P.S. Using the roller for both is even better ;)

Black Tourmaline is a magnificent clearing stone. Any negative energies are immediately dispelled and transmuted. It has an amazing ability to ground anyone near it, and the energy surrounding it by balancing, purifying and protecting. It can help with rational thinking, by harmonizing the chakras. Anyone around this crystal will feel shielded and guarded, since this crystal is excellent at warding and blocking negative energy. 

-The Gem Goddess

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