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Protection & Clearing Mist


Protection & Clearing Mist

Ingredients: Lavendar, white sage, new moon water, amethyst, onyx and PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate (coconut oil based emulsifier).

Directions: Mist yourself or your space using 1-3 pumps with this lovely aroma to cleanse and protect your energy and your space.

Aroma's are very powerful at influencing the subconscious mind. As everything is energy and contains its own unique vibration, anything within our surroundings will influence our energetic and auric field. Lavender is known to cleanse and rid negative energies of anything it is surrounded by. The beautiful scent also uplifts spirits, creates a positive, relaxing and calming mood and also calms the mind. This spray also works powerfully on the mind, creating an anti-anxiety and anti-stress effect. White sage is a powerful plant as it is known to clear and cleanse even the most toughest energies. If your space ever feels stagnant, or even negative in any way, this aroma will clear it up immediately, allowing for energy to flow again and also clear energetic debris. Using this prior to any ritual, or even for a quick 'clean-up' of you or your home has great beneficial effects.

All of our scents are emulsified essential oils that we blend into new moon water, and mixed with a crystal that also helps amplify the energy of the blend. This blend has two crystals, amethyst and onyx. Onyx is a powerful stone for clearing and cleansing. It cleanses the energy of anything around it, including other crystals. You can use this spray to cleanse you, your home, your crystals, or any other objects. Amethyst is great for adding a positive boost after the energy is cleared. Since the aroma and onyx are already so powerful at cleansing, sometimes that energy then needs to be filled with a new energy (otherwise it will just feel bare and empty) and the amethyst is a perfect neutral, calming, relaxing yet positive flow of energy. A healthy balance of spiritual peaceful energy. Amethyst is also good for breaking habits, so if you have a persistent block, or persistent energy you are trying to clear, the amethyst will help break the repetitive patterns and cycles. 


Disclaimer: Please test your spray on a small patch of skin (we recommend your wrist) prior to use to test for any allergies.

We are not responsible or liable for any allergies to our products. Please consult your doctor or primary care physician prior to use. 

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